About Us

Behind any successful Enterprise Siva Prakash, you'll usually discover a strong, focused individual. Siva Prakash Founder and CEO of Go Green Holidays is no exception. Stimulated by her confidence and love of being an Entrepreneur, Mrs. Priya began this enterprise in 2006. Experienced in Hospitality and Information Technology Industries, Mr.Siva Prakash strong work ethics, coupled with her enthusiastic attitude, has gained her a reputation as an agent that is greatly in demand. Her knowledge in the Industry and great attention to detail makes her a genuine asset to her clients. Her Internet Marketing skills and an MBA is a plus for her success.

Passion for travel has taken her to exciting and exotic destinations around the world, and Siva Prakash is not done yet! Travelling around the world gave her an opportunity to meet new people, discover new cultures, and indulge in adventure sports. She is passionate about providing the very highest level of service to the travel lovers and excited to share her love of travel with first time and experienced travelers alike. She is committed to make every guest feel specially taken care of and enjoys their travel experience to the utmost.

Why Choose Go Green Holidays?

We have never focused on being the biggest. We prefer to think small. Intimate. Individualistic. We offer solutions for those customers who do not solely reckon on independent travel forums and who choose not to be persuade by the allege and endless promotions in this competitive market. Sadly in today's Internet and information age, public forums are attenuate with too many opinions and hence the real values are often compromised.

We continue to grow as a successful tour operator because we take the time to find out what our clients' needs, desires and preferences are. We listen carefully and then suggest travel packages and itineraries that closely match what they are hoping and dreaming their trip will be.

Go Green Holidays builds a long term relationships with the suppliers / associates, who recognize the current market trends and constantly working with them, proposing ways in which to enhance the value of the Aaditya's offer while developing initiatives to stimulate the market's appetite for travel

We help discerning customers to discover their dream retreat based on individual requirements and expectations striving to create memorable moments

Our Services Include :

  • Air Ticket Bookings (Domestic / International)
  • Events and Conference Packages
  • Hotel Packages (Domestic / International)
  • Inbound / Domestic Tours (India Tours):
  • Kerala Backwater tours